Who We Are

We are an innovative team combining our talents in marketing, technology and logistics to create successful "outside the box" promotional marketing programs for our clients… successfully promoting their best impression.

From corporate gifts, incentives and apparel to the packaging and presentation of your corporate image, our attention to detail and commitment to excellence are key to building long term partnerships with results. We believe that always doing what is in the best interest of our clients will ultimately build relationships that are in our best interest as well… and it works!

What We Do

We help our clients successfully promote the right impression to their employees... to their partners... to their competitors... and to their customers. We do this through blending innovative technologies, superior quality products, applying a dedicated team and topping off with the magic spark to build successful promotional marketing and uniform programs.

We help our clients successfully promote the right impression...

What Makes Us Different

We do more than just take orders and provide branded promotional merchandise. We become an extension of your marketing team, your warehouse and logistical team, your web development team, your program administration staff, your Company Store accounting team...

Why The Impressions Group? We listened to our clients and created a Company Store unlike any other on the market. We talk to our clients to determine what they really want and we continue to listen as we custom tailor each and every program.

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